Frequently asked questions

First of all …

How much is the booking deposit?

The booking deposit is £40.00 per pitch, per week. The booking deposit is non-refundable.


When is the balance due?

Your balance of your holiday is due on arrival. This can either be paid by cash or debit card.

We do not accept cheques for the remaining balance. Please note we do not accept credit cards.


What is the latest I can check in?

Our latest check in is 9pm.


Why can’t we use a foot print under our tent or awning?

We do not permit a second layer of plastic underneath the groundsheet, known as a ‘footprint’ which many campers use to keep the bottom of their tents clean.

This is to ensure the grass is not damaged and is ready for the next camper.  This is particularly important as the pitches are in constant use in July and August.


Do you accept dog’s onsite?

We do allow a maximum of 2 dogs per pitch on site. We do ask that they are kept on leads and exercised off the campsite.


Do you refreeze ice blocks and how much is it?

The campsite has freezers in the tourist information room next to reception/shop. Please name any ice packs before putting them in the freezer. You are then welcome to borrow any of our ice packs with black/silver tap on them or GF written on them.

There is no charge for this. Please do not leave ANY food or drink in the freezers.


Can I recharge electrical items anywhere on the campsite?

We can recharge any mobile phones or gadgets free of charge in the shop during opening hours. Please bring your chargers with you. There is also a plug in the laundry room and in the tourist information room, if you need a quick charge when the shop is closed.


Are we allowed BBQ, fires, fire pits or wood burners?

We do permit BBQ’s on site. We just ask that if they are low to the ground, then they are placed on builders bricks (located around the site at the water taps) to avoid the grass being damaged.

Unfortunately due to fire regulations, we do not permit fires, fie pits or wood burners of any description.


Is there WIFI throughout the campsite?

We do have WIFI throughout the campsite, however due to our rural location it is limited. WIFI is constantly upgraded and invested in. We would not expect you to be able to stream. During peak times we limit each pitch to 2 gadgets to allow everyone equal opportunities to use the WIFI. Anyone needing to download or work, we advise Costa Coffee or McDonald’s 2 miles away.


Can we bring a second car?

Unfortunately we have no additional car parking on site and so we do not permit second cars during peak season. If you wish to bring 2 vehicles out of peak season, please contact the office to discuss this before booking.


Can we have visitors on site?

Visitors are welcome on site, but must report to reception on arrival.  They must park off site because we have no additional parking within the campsite.

What happens if I need to cancel?


If you need to cancel please let us know as soon as possible.

Deposits are non-refundable. There is no additional charge if you cancel.


Is the beach dog friendly?


The Beach behind us in 3 miles long; the middle part of this beach known as Mexico Towans beach is dog friendly.

Access to the dog area of the beach is now from the main steps behind the car park.

Once on the beach you turn left towards Hayle.

This is 10 – 12 minutes from the back of the campsite.

You have access to the entire beach from 7pm – 8am. The beach is zoned from 1st May – 30th September.


How long does it take to walk to the beach?


The walk to the beach takes approximately 10-12 minutes from the back of the campsite. Also you can walk through the village.


Is there a bus from the village?

There is a bus that runs from the village to Hayle, St Ives or up to Newquay. This is located near the entrance to the campsite. The bus service does not run during off peak and therefore varies each year. We have a bus time table in the tourist information room.


Where is the nearest supermarket?

Lidl is our nearest supermarket in Hayle which is approximately 2 miles away. There is also a Marks and Spencers (small) food hall and Asda in Hayle.


How far away is St Ives?

St Ives is approximately 8 miles from the campsite. It takes about 20 minutes to drive. The bus takes approximately 40 minutes from the campsite, but does not run off peak, this varies each year. There is also the park and ride train from St Erth train station or the park and ride at Lelant, this takes approximately 10 minutes. At peak times it is easier to go to  the park and ride at St Erth train station.


Where is the nearest cash machine?

The nearest cash machine is located at the Shell 24 hours garage, 2 miles away second exit off the A30 Hayle roundabout. There are also cash points through Hayle at the various Banks and Post Offices.


Where is the nearest pub?

The closest pub is the Red River Inn situated directly opposite the campsite.


and finally you just need to book…

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